Light Commercial Finance

Market best rates and simplified application and approvals for a large number of asset types

Light Commercial loans

Loans and light commercials finance with approval in hours available. BRS Finance has a multitude of lenders with great finance products for light commercials and small truck finance. With finance approvals within 2hrs on some products BRS Finance can have you on the road within 24hrs.

Obtaining an approval with the best rates for each client is dependant on a quality finance submission to the right lender, we discuss your light commercial finance needs and compare our full panel of lenders to get the best outcome.

Light commercial finance options and rates

Interest rates on loans will vary from lender to lender and based on a large range of mitigating factors listed below, the only way we can provide a fair and genuine quote is to understand your scenario

Some of the key areas that impact interest rates:

Asset Type
Age of asset
Amount of loan
Type of sale (Dealer / private)
Age of business
Director asset backing (Property)
Credit history
Credit score
Type of lender
Not all lenders will increase rates on all of the above, but most will have a sliding scale of rate adjustments in some form. To obtain a genuine quote call us on 1300 730 217

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No Doc Options

Light Commercials and trucks under 12t GVM

2 Hrs Approvals

Set credit requirements with super fast approvals
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Alt Doc Options

An alternative option of assessing using bankstatement to verify cashflow

Good Cashflow Management

This option is good for business that are growing
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Low Doc Options

Minimal Financial Informatiuon Required

Simplify The Process

Options available from most lenders
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Full Doc Options

Using your information to obtain a better approval

We Do The Work

Can be the best option and we do all of the work
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