Full Doc Loans

Full doc loans allow lenders to do a full credit assessment, we put the entire submission together, full doc can assist with rate and approval conditions

Full Doc Loans by experts

Full doc loans can benefit your business with top rates and approval conditions. While the other options reduce the information needed they all have strict limitations and criteria. The only additional information required are financials and associated information and then we do the rest.

The benefit of using BRS Finance is that we build your entire application, do a full credit analysis and submit to lender. Clients often worry that bottom line profit is not high enough which is a misconception, there are a lot of variables in credit analysis and we are highly skilled at assessing applications 

Full Doc Information

In reality full doc only means providing your businesses financial information in addition to low doc requirements. We provide a full credit assessment prior to submitting to the financier, so act as a buffer protecting your business and credit file.

Required information for a full doc varies a little between lenders but will generally include;

  • Most recent 2 yrs financials
  • Any interim financials (Current partial year)
  • Commitment schedule (List of all current loans – often required for low doc)
  • Director Asset and liability statement (Often required for low doc)
  • Application form (Business and director details – always required for low doc)


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