Low Doc Finance

Low Doc and no doc loans for trucks, trailers, construction equipment, hospitality equipment and fitness equipment.

It’s easy because it’s BRS Finance. When lenders receive your application from us you already know it’s approved because we approve you directly. The person you talk to about our low doc option will be the same one that approves you and we can normally provide a pre-approval in minutes.

Our Low Doc option does not cost you any more than a full application for the same product, so you are not penalised. But you also save money by partnering with BRS Finance - We do not charge additional origination fees or additional doc fees which is becoming standard practice in the industry

Fast, simple and flexible finance making it simple for BRS clients.

Whether you are start-up or an existing business our low doc / no doc option can get you moving faster without the limitations placed on other products. Understanding the features and benefits of your options means you remain in control.

  • No FInancials
  • 100% tax deductible
  • Any age equipment
  • Dealer or private Sales
  • No Financials
  • Gyms or PT's
  • Start-up or Existing
  • Instant pre-approvals
  • Start ups
  • Established
  • Instant Approvals
  • Multiple Options
BRS Finance service was fantastic, their approvals fast and they ensured I had the very best option to suit my business needs


You get approved faster
Because BRS finance is highly regarded by lenders we have the capacity to approve you directly with our Low-Doc option. You can have your pre-approval in minutes.
Our National Network
BRS Finance is an established broker with a large network of dealers and suppliers in varying industries. We can assist in finding the right equipment at the right price.
Dedicated account manager
The person that approvals you is your account manager for the full term of the loan, and you get direct access all the time. Don't get pushed aside once you settle, have the confidence in knowing you have the access to the right people

Low Doc Advantages

Flexibility that reduces risk
Finance options are different but with our low-doc finance you start building equity into your equipment faster. This means if you need to pay out earlier you won't get hit with heavy exit fees
No Financials - No Problem
It is low doc and we won't/Don't ask for financials. Yes, there are some qualifying criteria questions we need to ask and some ID docs we need, but that's where it ends.
Start-up or Established
Low Doc is available for both stat-ups and established businessess - It gets you moving faster and normally any hold -ups are more about when the equipment can be supplied rather than the finance

Ideal for Start-ups

It is no longer difficult
Start-ups have been undervalued and rejected by banks since the begining of time. Yet BRS approves new businesses every day of week. Everybody needs to start somewhere ... Start with us and get it right from the outset
No additional penalties
You don't need to pay more than everyone else just because you're starting - Our low doc option is available to you at the same cost per dollar an existing business pays.
Worst case scenario
Everybody starts a business to be successful, but often things outside of your control can have a massive impact. With the flexibility associated via our low doc option you can reduce yor risk by building equity into the equipment quicker