Equipment Finance

Equipment finance to suit all businesses, new or used equipment, start-up or existing.

BRS work with both bank and non-bank lenders to to assist our clients as they start, grow and establish their businesses. Chattel Mortgage, Commercial Hire Purchase or Rent to Own. BRS works closely with clients to fund equipment, new and used with our panel of lenders.


Start-up success rate

Fast approvals

within 4 hours

Equipment finance structured to meet the needs of your business!

Basically, if it's equipment and you use it to generate income directly or indirectly we can normally finance it. Finance loans for your business equipment with various terms and options available. BRS Finance works with our clients to align you with the right option. Depending on what it is


  • Check if you qualify
  • 5 simple questions
  • No details required
  • Your answer in 1 minute
  • No Financials
  • 100% tax deductible
  • Any age equipment
  • On the spot approvals
  • Up to $100k
  • simple and fast
  • Any age equipment
  • On the spot approvals
BRS Finance service was fantastic, their approvals fast and they ensured I had the very best option to suit my business needs

Structured to Suit

One or five years
Equipment loans can be structured to suit your needs, longer terms mean lower repayments but is not always best for the client. We have chattel mortgages and rent to own options that are flexible
Not all loan options are equal! Some will have lower repayments but heafty payout penalties. Others provide flexibility that allow you to purchase early without penalties. We talk you through them to get the right fit for your business
Deposit or no deposit
You can reduce you repayments with deposits or keep the cash in your business, all lenders have different requiements and options - you need to know what they are before your application goes in.


Your Industry
BRS assists start-up's across a range of industries from transport, construction, hospitality and fitness. We also assist alot of businesses that are associated with these industries - Nobody assists start-up's better than BRS
Start-up Pathways
We know it's important that you get the approval - and 98% of the time we do. But BRS is different - from the outset we will look at what we can do continually improve your finance options. Your dedicated account manager works with you beyond the settlement!
Protect your credit file
Some brokers will promise you things that they simply can't deliver. They will send your application to a multitude of lenders without success and this will affect your credit score. Our 98% approval rate is because we know who will approve you


Transport & Construction
Trucks, trailers, excavators and more, the options that are available today means that you can buy older equipment if you need it. Don't get tied doen or bullied into what the bank wants you to buy.
A highly competitive industry that is considered high risk by most lenders but there is still an abundance of options. In-house finance is often aligned with only 1 lender ... You won't be sure if you are getting the right deal because you only get offered one.
We have a lot of lenders that provide finance to the fitness industry from large gyms to personal trainers, regardless of where you are in Australia or the age of your business ... BRS Finance