Commercial Finance

What are your options and how can we help. Commercial finance is a specialist segment of the finance industry, experience counts for everything!

Business Finance Specialist

We have spent decades working with all lenders and clients from all industries across Australia. We have an in-depth knowledge of commercial credit and we work predominately with Small to medium business.

Commercial Finance is a critical requirement for most business to establish and grow. With equipment finance contracts largely taken over 4-5 years it is a long term commitment so understanding your liability is important  

Getting the best approval

Finance for business contains so many variables. It is a lot more complex than consumer lending and a great understanding of business operations is why BRS Finance is able to do so much.

No Doc, Low Doc, Alt Doc and full Doc are all available options

We filter out which lenders you qualify for, which products you qualify for, what is the best rate and structure available then what the application requirements are.

We represent you and your business, we build the finance application based on what the lender needs and we get the approval based on what you need.

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No Doc Options

Light Commercials and trucks under 12t GVM ...

2 Hrs Approvals

Set credit requirements with super fast approvals
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Alt Doc Options

An alternative option of assessing using bank statements to verify cashflow ...

Good Cashflow Management

This option is good for business that are growing
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Low Doc Options

Minimal Financial Information Required ...

Simplify The Process

Options available from most lenders
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Full Doc Options

Using your information to obtain a better approval ...

We Do The Work

Can be the best option and we do all of the work
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