Business Loans

Cash loans to help you operate and grow your business by having the cash to facilitate it

Short Term Business Loans

A Business Loan is structured to assist businesses with their cashflow shortages. Even the most prudent business owner can find themselves with a cash flow shortage from unexpected expenses. Cash flow loans can also assist with growth where there is the need to invest in the short term for long term gains.

At BRS Finance we focus on business lending every day and have done for 20 years. We know the impacts of cash flow shortages and the benefits a short term business loan can provide. Within our large panel of lenders we a multitude of options that can assist most businesses in most industries.

Tailored to your business with flexible options

Business cash loans are generally unsecured and provide the freedom to be used for exactly what your business needs, when it needs it. Cash flow Loans can be tailored to suit your cashflow with terms ranging from 3 – 36 months. Uses include, Marketing and promotion, Stock purchase, Furniture or fit outs, repairs and maintenance and more.1300 730 217

Why BRS Finance

When assessing business loans we work through all of your options to ensure you have the right lender at the best rate. We are specialist commercial (Business) finance brokers with the expertise you need. Our reputation with lenders increases your approval chances as we do all of the work to present your business in the best possible light.

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No Doc Options

Light Commercials and trucks under 12t GVM ...

2 Hrs Approvals

Set credit requirements with super fast approvals
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Alt Doc Options

An alternative option of assessing using bank statement to verify cashflow ...

Good Cashflow Management

This option is good for business that are growing
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Low Doc Options

Minimal Financial Information Required ...

Simplify The Process

Options available from most lenders
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Full Doc Options

Using your information to obtain a better approval ...

We Do The Work

Can be the best option and we do all of the work
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