Agri Finance

Our Agri clients have some of the most diverse needs for finance a business could have. We have option for utes farm machinery and transport equipment

Agri Equipment Finance

Agri Equipment loans Australia wide. Many farming and agriculture business have multiple company and trust structures that can affect the outcome for agriculture loans. Our commercial specialists work in the farming and agriculture finance sectors across Australia. We understand the challenges and structures of business and know how to get an approval across the line.

Flexibility for farming loans is often the key requirement. with over 25 lenders we can provide loans that suit almost any circumstance and structure it to your income. Whether you are looking for new or used equipment get a free assessment form a manger at BRS Finance.

BRS Finance takes the time to discuss your Agri Equipment Finance needs, we work through all of the available finance options based on the equipment you need for your business and what options you qualify for. Agri lenders all have different qualifying parameters and being able to match you with the right lender will produce the best results with the best rates.

Agri Finance Options

Apart from having a diverse range of equipment, loan structures are a key aspect for a business that has extreme seasonality income and expenses. We understand business and business needs with agriculture and farming clients making up a large portion of our client base.

We have lenders to facilitate both new or used equipment purchases and the capacity to negotiate the best rate for your equipment

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No Doc Options

Light Commercials and trucks under 12t GVM ...

2 Hrs Approvals

Set credit requirements with super fast approvals
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Alt Doc Options

An alternative option of assessing using bank statement to verify cashflow ...

Good Cashflow Management

This option is good for business that are growing
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Low Doc Options

Minimal Financial Informatiuon Required ...

Simplify The Process

Options available from most lenders
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Full Doc Options

Using your information to obtain a better approval ...

We Do The Work

Can be the best option and we do all of the work
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