We help grow and establish small to medium businesses including start ups within the Transport, Construction, Hospitality and Health & Fitness Industries.


Australia's largest and best
BRS Finance is Australia's largest and best with our lenders. Our reputation with lenders means that we can get approvals done faster and easier than most. With some of our options BRS also has the capacity to approve clients direct - for you, this means you have the confidence from your initial call to us.
One Account Manager start to finish
Service is the key focus of our business and our clients requirements are a priority! BRS doesn't have a customer service team - you speak directly to an account manager who will be with you for term of your contract and beyond.
It's your business - big or small
Everyone is the same, and all of our clients have an Account Manager dedicated to not only the approval and settlement, but the full term of the agreement.
It's our small business mentality that makes us stand out.


No matter where in Australia you are
BRS works with clients and dealers right across Australia, whever you are we can assist - the process is simple and you get moving faster!
Let us help you find a way
Whatever industry you are in or wherever you are located we can work the right solution for you. Even if you walk into your own bank you will not be speaking to the person that will approve you - with BRS you will.
Making it ALL simple
Things will vary from lender to lender, but generally speaking we make it simple for most of our clients. From application to settlement we clear about what is required because we know it so well. No continous back and forth and dealing with the unkown.


Transparent from the beginning
Understanding your finance is as important as obtaining the approval. You need to know what benefits there are, and how a product will work with and for your business. BRS talks to you directly and don't sugarcoat benefits or obligations so you are always fully informed
Helping you get started
If you are looking to start a business, obtaining finance could be difficult. There are lots of options out there that we don't work with because they would put clients at risk. If some is asking for additional security or large deposits you need to call BRS. Don't sign over too much just to get an approval, we have better ways!
Reduce your Risk
Not all finance options are the same. It's important to understand your risks and obligations with each of them. BRS matches clients with products based on what you want to achieve.